So Why Recycled Art?

I began this journey as a form of therapy to regain my physical strength after having a stroke. I became discouraged that I couldn't do the things I once did and therefore lost a sense of my creative outlet. So I turned to my recycling bin, funny I know. I pulled out whatever spoke to me. It started out with news paper, then plastic bottles, then I fell deep into that rabbit hole. I found a sense of myself again. This emboldened me to begin my artistic journey with this new medium. It also began a crusade for sustainable living but with recycled materials and personally. 

Did you know that 50% of the 254 million tons of trash Americans throw away is recyclable?This is a lot of art that can be created. Each piece I create is truly unique. I want to show people that I took what  I already had sitting around and I created a wonderful lasting story and movement to involve not only my children but their children's children!